Sunday, September 9, 2012

King of Kings & Lord of Lords...You have ALL OF ME...DOES JESUS CHRIST HAVE ALL OF YOU??? To God be the Glory to the Most High Divine Power of ALL Creation.

Brothers and Sisters...Seek God in his Word*Looks at you* Why Do you want the Blessings but do not want to Put in Work to Receive your Rightful Pay from the Most high God? Know when you delight yourself in the Lord, He will BLESS YOU when the Time is RIGHT...

*Looks at You* Are you a Person who can't wait for nothing? Know that the Holy Ghost is going to Change that...IF you desire to Serve the Most high Divine Power, Jesus Christ, Thee Messiah. You Have to be P A T I E N T with God...He is Not a Genie, He Seeks Humble Hearts, and Those who Do not Care About their Life on this Earth.



Be Honest...If someone came to you RIGHT NOW because you was a Christian and Said "Are you a Christian? Do you Represent Jesus Christ? If so I am going to BLOW your Head off!!!" Would You still say Yes?


If you TRULY are of God, Jesus said that when that type of Prosecution Happens, Do not Worry about what to Say because the Holy Ghost would Speak on BEHALF OF YOU, SPEAK FOR YOU!


If you said No to the Question before you Finished Reading...Then you Do Not Possess the Fire, the Passion the Zeal of the Holy Ghost...Makes me even question do you even have the Holy Ghost in the First Place...

*Runs up to the Glass...Knocks on it* If Not...WHO HAS LEAD YOU TO BELIEVE YOU ARE A CHRISTIAN??? Who Called You??? 

*Sits on the Floor* My Lord!!!

To God be the Glory, Elohim Avinu,HaMashiach Yeshua,Ruach HaKodesh.

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